Hair Services


Includes a moisturizing deep conditioner.

Shampoo Only from $20.00
Shampoo Flat Iron Finish from $45.00
Shampoo Finish from $50.00
silkenED (natural hair silk press) from $50.00
Style Only (shampoo not included) from $30.00


Relaxers include a flat ir0n finish, unless a speciality style add-on is requested.

Virgin Relaxer from $90.00
Relaxer Touch-up from $70.00
Partial Relaxer Touch-up from $60.00
Relaxer Touch-up Only from $50.00
Texturizer from $50.00


All color services include a moisturizing deep conditioner and a flat iron finish, unless a speciality style add-on is requested.

Permanent Color from $75.00
Double Process Color    from $105.00
Full Head Highlights from $95.00
Partial Head Highlights from $85.00
Fringe Design from $60.00

Hair Enhancements

Full Head Sew-In from $150.00
Half Head Sew-In from $100.00
Shampoo/Maintenance/Style       from $45.00  
Extension Shampoo Only from $10.00
Semi/Demi Color per bundle from $20.00
Permanent Color per bundle priced at consultation
Sew-In Removal from $25.00
Quick Weave from $75.00
Bonded Removal from $10.00

A La Carté

Add any of these menu items to any Style, Texture, or Color service.

Style Add-on from $5.00
Intricate Up-do from $10.00
Shaping (cut) from $30.00
Reshaping (trim) from $15.00
Fringe Shaping (bang cut) from $10.00
Permanent Color (texturized hair) from $30.00
Semi/Demi-Permanent Color or Gloss from $30.00
Partial Semi/Demi-Permanent Color or Gloss from $15.00
Hair Masque Treatment from $10.00
Steam Therapy from $20.00

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