What leasing options do you provide?

We offer 3 types of leasing options: one year, six month, or month-to-month.  On a month-to-month lease, we require a 4 week noice and the restoration of your suite to its original condition.


Are there specific hours of operation?

Our tenants create their own schedule, so we offer 24/7 access 365 days a year.


Can I share my space with another salon professional?

Yes!  Tenants have the option of sharing their suite at no additional cost.


Is there any furntiure provided?

We offer storage cabinets, shampoo bowl, styling chair, styling mat, and a dryer for each suite.


Am I allowed to decorate my suite?

Yes.  Every tenant is encourage to add their brand and personality to their suite.  Painting is also an option to add your personal touch.


Can I sell my own retail products?

Absolutely! We encourage tenants to sell salon products while they have the ability to keep 100% of the revenue.


Do you provide insurance?

We include general liability and professional liability insurance.  Some restrictions apply.


How do clients adapt to a private setting opposed to a large salon setting?

Although, many clients are unfamilar with the salon suite concept, they enjoy the privacy.  Heaven on Earth Salon Suites allows one-on-one experiences without the stress and tension of a larger salon setting.



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